Public Sidewalks

The public sidewalks are in the care and upkeep of the adjacent property owner. If the sidewalk is in need of repairs, the cost of these repairs are the responsibility of the adjacent property owner.

The city has been split into five sections for the Sidewalk Repair and Replacement Program. This program will be done in conjunction with Americans with Disabilities Act, which requires that all existing crosswalks have a pedestrian curb ramp for the handicapped.

Sidewalks Needing Repairs

The engineer's office will be responsible for the inspection to determine the need of repairs, contract management, construction inspection, and assessments. The areas that will be inspected and repaired first are the areas in the city which are the heaviest traveled (e.g., near schools and retail businesses). The areas of repair will be determined by the following: city inspection, complaint, owner request.

If a sidewalk is in need of repair, the property owner will be sent a letter informing them of the needed repair, the estimated cost for the city to make the repair. The property owner then has 30 days to make the repair, otherwise the city will contract out for the repair work and charge the property owner.

Criteria for Removal & Replacement

  • Changes in elevation that would cause tripping. If a sidewalk is deemed a tripping hazard due to tree roots, the roots will be ground and the sidewalk replaced. There is the possibility the tree will have to be removed.
  • If sections of the sidewalk are broken or missing.
  • If the sidewalk has a hairline crack, but is still structurally sound, it may be saw cut instead of being removed. This can save the sidewalk from being removed and replaced.

If you have any questions regarding your sidewalk or markings, please refer to the list of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) (PDF) or call the engineering office at 651-554-3210.