Super Bowl LII

Well, right now the game is at the half.  Philadelphia is ahead of New England 22-12.

Here at the airport we have survived over 18 inches of snow in the last week and a half.  We even managed to land two aircraft with in 1 hour of the end of the last snow event.  Many thanks to our staff, to the Civil Air Patrol, and to everyone else who helped in the days, weeks, and months leading up to tonight’s festivities!  I will post pictures of the aircraft that visited our great airport.

Each and every pilot complimented us on our airport and the facilities on the airport.  We made them feel like they were at home with warmth and friendship.

To the passengers who flew in and will be flying out we wish you safe travels and that you arrive safely to your final destination.

Now, as promised… the photos.

King Air – Tail number not visible by request.
N315MC – Cirrus SR22T Owner from Indianapolis. Check out the tail art.
N84EV — Lancair Evolution. This friendly couple is from Philly.
N8JR — Citation Latitude. Take a close look at the tail. Can you tell who this plane belongs to? Hint: NASCAR & Jr.