Utility Billing


Visit the City's new Online e-Utility Billing portal.


The City bills water, sanitary sewer, storm sewer and street light service to its' customers on a quarterly basis. These billings cover a period of three months. Wet Industries are billed on a monthly basis. Your utility bill is divided into two parts. The bottom portion of the bill lists your services and billed amounts. You'll want to keep this portion for your records. You will need to return the top portion of your bill with your payment. Account number, customer number, balance due, billing date, and the due date are clearly listed in boxed sections on the invoice. The total balance due is listed in the upper right corner and the lower right portion on your bill.

Additional information listed on your bill includes previous balance and payment applied. It also lists the current and previous readings along with your water usage

Meter Readings

Previous Reading - This is the read taken three months earlier.

Present Reading - This is the current reading and date read. Your meter measures the water you use in thousands of gallons. The difference between your previous read and your present reading is the amount of water you have used during the billing period.

Example: Previous read 710, present read 716, usage 6, means that you have used 6,000 gallons of water for the billing period.