Community Garden Plots

Attention Gardeners

The Community Garden is a popular amenity to residents of the City of South St. Paul having been in existence at the Fleming Field McMorrow site since the early 1990's. Due to its proximity to the Fleming Field Airport runway, the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has directed the removal of the historic Community Garden site from what they have designated as the Runway Protection Zone (RPZ) to comply with the FAA land use guidelines.

Community Garden Location:
682 Verderosa Avenue

The Community Garden is located adjacent to the public DNR Boat Launch and City Compost Site off of Verderosa Avenue and the Highway 494 Wakota Bridge.

The Community Garden location at 682 Verderosa Avenue is very similar to the former garden site along with notable improvements:

  • Garden plots continue to be 15'x20' with widened walking lanes and buffers between each individual plot as compared to the former site.
  • More water spigots available. The former garden site had one, centrally-located water line with three spigots to service the plots. The new site has three dedicated lanes with three spigots each making a total of nine available spigots, located closer to each individual garden.
  • Fencing and a lock-secured gate will be installed to provided added security to garden access and, equally important, protection from wildlife.
  • A paved parking area will be constructed in adherence to city parking lot design and construction guidelines. There will be a minimum of 10 spaces provided, including adequate ADA/disability parking, with paved overflow parking available at the adjacent boat launch parking lot. A single parking lot light will also be installed for safety and security.

Plot Rental Information

Residents may rent a 15’ x 20’ community garden plot at the new Verderosa Avenue Site with rental fees as follows:
Resident rates for ages 18-54 $20 plus tax.
Residents ages 55 and over $15 plus tax. 

Those who have successfully maintained a garden plot in 2018 have first priority for sign-up starting March 1st-10th, 2019. All other residents will have an opportunity to rent a plot beginning March 11th. Non-resident adults and seniors may rent a plot for $30 plus tax beginning April 1st, 2019. 

All rentals must be made in person at the Parks & Recreation Office,
100 7th Avenue North, South St. Paul. Rental fee must be paid at time of registration.