In 2007, The City Council adopted an ordinance to assist with the abatement or immediate removal of graffiti. Graffiti vandalism contributes substantially to the spread of gang activity, violence, crime and the deterioration of property values in the City. Experience tells us that removing the graffiti as soon as possible helps prevent re-occurrence and the spread of this damage to property.

A written notice will be sent to the property owner requesting cooperation in the removal of graffiti within 3 business days or to contact City Staff. A follow-up inspection will be conducted and if the graffiti is still present, the City will abate the graffiti as weather permits. Criminal prosecution of those responsible will be actively pursued.

If you have any questions concerning graffiti on your property, or its removal, please contact the Inspections Department at (651) 554-3216.

Graffiti Removal Tips (PDF)