Special Signs

Special sign requests include:

No Outlet:

Please call the City Engineer's office regarding placement of this type of sign.

Child at Play:

“Slow Children” or “Children at Play” signage are not encouraged for the following reasons:

  • The Traffic Control Devices Handbook from the Institute of Transportation Engineers (ITE) states, “Caution-Children at Play or Slow Children signs should not be used since they may encourage children to play in the street and may encourage parents to be less vigilant.” “Children at Play” signs give parents a false sense of security in letting their children play in the streets.
  • Motorists should expect children to be at play in all residential areas, and the lack of signing on some streets may indicate otherwise.
  • These signs have no legal basis for determining what a motorist should do. They are unenforceable and act as another roadside obstacle to pedestrians and errant motorists.
  • Use of these nonstandard signs may imply that the involved jurisdiction approves of streets as playgrounds, which may result in the jurisdiction being vulnerable to tort liability. Nearly 30% of tort cases filed against a roadway authority pertain to signs. When installing signs that do not follow the guidelines of the Manual on Uniform Traffic Control (MUTCD), agencies are increasing their liability should a child be hit on these roadways.
  • These signs do not provide guidance to motorists as to a safe speed.
  • Studies have shown that “Children at Play” signs do not reduce traffic speeds or make drivers more observant.

By Minnesota State Statutes, alley speed limits are set at 10 mph. Oftentimes, speed limit signs in alleys are ineffective. The vast majority of speeders in alleys are typically the residents in the neighborhood. The most effective way to decrease speeds on alleys and roadways without changing the geometry of the roadway/alley is through enforcement.