Taxes & Regulations


Corporate Income Tax
Personal Income Tax
Unemployment Compensation
Sales & Use Tax
9.800% of gross income
5.35% - 9.85%
Base: $35,000
Base Rate: 0.10% - 0.50%
New Employers: 1.44% or 8.34%
Employers with Experience Rating:  up to 8.90% 
MN: 6.875%
State Transit Improvement Tax: 0.75%
State Housing Tax: 0.25%
Dakota County Transit: 0.25%
City: 0%

SSD Number 6 (South St. Paul)
District 199 (Inver Grove Heights)
State General (C/I)
Dakota County
City of SSP
Special Districts


In addition to the Economic Development Department, the City’s development team integrates professionals in planning, zoning, engineering, environmental services, public works, construction, and licensing to assure your project receives the swift attention it deserves from the City. The team works together to provide an efficient, consistent process for new businesses and developments choosing to locate or expand in South St. Paul. 

The City’s Zoning Code and Zoning Map (PDF) are important reference points for South St. Paul businesses looking to expand or establish their presence in the City. For more information contact the City’s Planning Department at or at 651-554-3217. 

The City Building Official is responsible for plan reviews and inspection of all building and remodeling projects to ensure that they comply with state building, plumbing, and mechanical codes. For more information and for help determining necessary codes, permits, and fees applying to your project, please contact Joe Heimkes via email or at 651-554-3220.

Certain types of businesses require a City-issued license to operate within the South St. Paul. The Licensing Office can be reached via email or at 651-554-3239, and a list of licenses can be found on the Licensing Office webpage

Permit fees (PDF) in South St. Paul are based on valuation, and are required for new construction and remodeling of commercial/industrial buildings in the City.