Airport Planning Documents

This airport master plan update has been undertaken to evaluate the airport’s capabilities and role, to review forecasts of future aviation demand, and to plan for the timely improvement of facilities that may best meet that demand and maintain compatibility with the environs. The airport master plan will provide systematic guidelines for the airport’s overall development, maintenance, and operation for the next 20 years. The overall outcome of this process will be a vision for the airport extending over the next 20 years. With this vision, the Airport Authority will have advance notice of potential future airport funding needs so that appropriate steps can be taken to ensure that adequate funds are budgeted and planned.
The specific goals to be considered in the airport master plan include:

Forecast of current and future aviation demand;
Analysis of existing and future airfield design parameters to meet existing and forecasted demand;
To determine the projected facility needs of airport users through the year 2025, which are further supported by airport development alternatives;
To recommend improvements that will enhance the airport’s safety capabilities to the maximum extent possible;
To establish a schedule of development priorities and a program for the improvements proposed in the Master Plan;
To prioritize the airport capital improvement program and develop a detailed financial plan;
Updated Airport Layout Plan (ALP) providing digital data sets via geographical information systems (GIS) to meet relatively new FAA criteria (based on FAA Advisory Circulars 16, 17, and 18b).
To develop the required level of environmental documentation for approval of the new Master Plan;
Coordinate this airport master plan update with local, state, and federal agencies;
Ensure the airport’s facilities (airfield, terminal, apron & ramp area, roadways, and parking) are in balance; and
Provide improved energy efficiency.

Airport Master Plan

Airport Layout Plan

Environmental Assessment (EA) FAA Record of Decision

Capitol Improvement Plan (CIP)