2020 Street Projects

The City has proposed to move forward with Seidl’s Lake Lift Station and the reconstruction of 4th Street from 14th Ave to 9th Ave for 2020.

The Seidl’s Lake Lift Station is a joint project with the Cities of South St. Paul, West St. Paul, and Inver Grove Heights.  The project received $781,000 in state bond funds, and an agreement is in place for cost sharing of the lift station and forcemain improvements.

The reconstruction of 4th Street from 14th Avenue to 9th Avenue is being driven by the Seidl’s Lake Lift station project which will require the installation of a forcemain and storm sewer improvements along 4th Street.  There were portions of the road that were going to be impacted by the forcemain work, the watermain along the same route is cast iron (70 plus years old) and in need of replacement, the sanitary structures need work and the street isn’t new.  

With all these factors, the City and neighborhood would be better served by completing a full reconstruction of the roadway to address all the needs in the corridor at one time.  That will minimize total project cost and limit the construction impacts to the road to a single project instead of a project this year and then a separate project in the future for the utility replacement and full street work.

These two projects are in the bidding process and more information should be available by the May 6, 2020 City Council meeting.  


Seidls Lake Picture
4th street Picture