Well No. 3 Water Treatment Plant

The City Council awarded a construction contract to Municipal Builders, Inc. on October 2, 2023, for the construction of the Well No. 3 Water Treatment Plant. The project is located at 405 Kaposia Blvd and includes the construction of the new treatment plant, installation of a new trail along the west side of Kaposia Boulevard, and reconstruction of the archery range. The site work for the project is scheduled to begin the week of October 23, 2023. Final completion of the project is scheduled for June 30, 2025.

Why treat water from Well No. 3?

Well No. 3 is one of the City’s highest performing wells. Recent readings indicate that radium levels are currently out of compliance with Minnesota Department of Health standards. Testing done over several years at Well No. 3 shows radium concentration levels at 8.4 pCi/L. The US EPA primary health standard maximum contaminant level (MCL) is 5.4 pCi/L for radium.  City water remains safe to drink, unless you have been otherwise advised by a medical provider based on your individual health status.

Radium is a naturally occurring chemical found in air, water, and soil, and radium levels in groundwater fluctuate over time. Radium is common in the St. Peter-Prairie Du Chien Jordan aquifer; the aquifer from which South St. Paul and most communities in Dakota County draw their groundwater. The City treats groundwater for a variety of contaminants, including radium. Although we are all exposed to radium that occurs naturally in our environment, large doses of radium over many years may increase the risk of developing cancer for some people.

Project Funding

The Minnesota Public Facilities Authority in conjunction with the Minnesota Department of Health have developed the Drinking Water Revolving Fund (DWRF) to help communities build drinking water storage, treatment and distribution systems that comply with standards in the Safe Drinking Water Act. The fund provides below-market-rate loans to upgrade and construct public drinking water systems. On October 2, 2023, the City Council authorized the city to enter into the loan with the Minnesota Public Facilities Authority. Use the link below to see the award notice from the Minnesota Public Facilities Authority.

If you have any questions about the project, please contact Nick Guilliams, City Engineer, at 651-554-3214.