Grant Rebate Application

Apply for your Private I&I Grant rebate in the form below.  You will need to take a photo or scan of the receipt.  In order to obtain the rebate, you must have met the following requirements:

Inflow & Infiltration Reduction Requirements:

  • The grant requires the property owner to match grant funds, with most grants expected to be matched based on the attached funding summary. 
  • The private service line or foundation drain must be active and serving an occupied building.
  • Inspection costs are allowable ONLY if the service line inspected results in eligible repairs.
  • The City will require the applicant to show verification of the I & I issue (tree roots, cracks in the service, etc.) to the Public Works Department and show receipts with dates for work and materials after grant approval and submit receipts. Repairs made prior to grant acceptance are not eligible for the grant.
  • The recipient must demonstrate that lining is not an acceptable option before open-cut trench excavation is allowed.
  • All sewer service line lining projects shall demonstrate that the lining extends all the way to the wye to prevent Inflow & Infiltration from short circuiting to the sanitary mainline.
  • Applicant responsible for securing any permits necessary for project, if required and/or submit proof of proper installation.
  • Funds are limited, applications processed based on receipt of qualified low income households (at 185% of 2023 Poverty Level per HHS Poverty Guidelines) and then in order of receipt. Residents who meet this equity component, may be eligible for additional compensation.
  • Any rebate requests over $600 require a W-9 from the applicant.

Grant awards may be 50% of eligible costs up to $5,000. For private property owners meeting their municipality’s equity criterion, the grant award may increase up to $10,000.