My boulevard is only 3 feet wide. What options do I have to restore the tree canopy in my neighborhood?

Residents are always welcome to plant trees on their private property. When planted in a front yard, private shade trees provide many (if not more) of the same benefits as boulevard trees.  Trees planted in private yards instead of boulevards tend to live longer after reaching maturity and this provides greater ecosystem benefits to the community. No permit is required to plant a tree on private property, but residents should call 811 for utility locates before digging in their yard. The Minnesota Department of Natural Resources (DNR) and University of Minnesota offer good resources on tree selection. 

Long term, each neighborhood can work with the City to bring back their boulevard trees. Residential streets are reconstructed roughly once every 50 – 70 years. Before a reconstruction project begins, the City will host meetings with the neighborhood to determine how the new street will be designed. The City generally tries to ensure that all new residential streets have at least 5-foot-wide boulevards if conditions allow. The City encourages residents to get involved in the design process to ensure that boulevards are sized appropriately for the type of trees that they would like to see on their street.

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6. My boulevard is only 3 feet wide. What options do I have to restore the tree canopy in my neighborhood?
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