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City Advisory Board or Commission Application

  1. Application for Appointment to City Advisory Board or Commission
    One of the highest ideals of citizenship if personal involvement in the democratic process. City Advisory Boards and Commissions provide participation in issues concerning the community and its residents. We welcome your application to serve on a City Advisory Board or Commission. Please furnish complete information to assist us in giving your application full consideration. Additional information, which further qualifies you, may be attached to this application.
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  3. *If applying for the Airport Advisory Commission, please indicate your association with Fleming Field Airport
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  4. List which Advisory Board or Commission you are most interested in serving on.
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  8. Are you currently serving on other Boards, Commissions, or Committees?*
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  10. Consent to Release Private Data
    If appointed to an Advisory Board or Commission, I authorize the City of South St. Paul to release the following private data upon request made to the City. You must list at least one phone number or email address to be made public.
  11. I also authorize the City of South St. Paul to release such authorized private data referenced above to members of the general public, City staff, Mayor and City Council members. This authorization shall be modified or cancelled only upon written notice to the City of South St. Paul, 125 3rd Ave. N., South St. Paul, MN 55075. I agree to relinquish and waive all claims that may arise against the City, its agents or employees for releasing any and all authorized data referenced above relating to this agreement.
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