About Fleming Field

The terminal building is perfectly suited to meet any pilot, passenger, or business need. A state of the art facility, the Fleming Field terminal building has free Wi-Fi internet access, a large private meeting room with full-screen projector, a full-service flight planning room, an observation room for visitors to watch aircraft, and we have a spacious modern-day lobby complete with an attractive, historical ambiance.

South St. Paul Municipal Airport – Fleming Field (KSGS) is named for Richard Fleming, a Navy pilot during World War II. He was, posthumously, presented the congressional medal of honor for his actions during battle on June 5, 1942. Here is his page: Captain Richard E. Fleming Information

One of our hangar buildings is known as the “Hook-Em_Cow” hangar. This name harkens back to the turn of the 20th Century, when South Saint Paul was known for the Armour and Swift & Co meat packing plants, as well as the St. Paul Union Stockyards. Here are two links to historical information. Hook-Em Cows – SSP Style & Twin Cities Pioneer Press Article.