Super Bowl LII

We are happy to announce the new LPV minimum for RNAV (GPS) RWY 34 should be published on February 1, 2018. Just in time for Super Bowl LII.

We do have some local procedural information for you. Here is the relevant page.

Items to bring with you:
Cowl Blanket, Wheel Chocks, Tie Down Ropes, Cowl Plugs, Extension Cords, Wing Covers, and other COLD Weather items.

We will NOT be providing de-icing.
We are anticipating on being able to provide 120V AC for engine heaters. This will be on the south side of the east ramp. We will also have two AEROTHERM heaters available.
We also anticipate having a 100LL fuel truck.
Unfortunately, we will NOT have a Jet Fuel truck.
We will, however, be able to tug the aircraft to the pump.

#Bold North information

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